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Evan Haidasz's Publications



Inhibition of Hydrocarbon Autoxidation by Nitroxide-Catalyzed Cross-Dismutation of Hydroperoxyl and Alkylperoxyl Radicals

Kareem A. Harrison, Evan A. Haidasz, Markus Griesser & Derek A. Pratt*

Chemical Science

20189, 6068-6079.



The Catalytic Reaction of Nitroxides with Peroxyl Radicals and its Relevance to their Cytoprotective Properties

Markus Griesser, Ron Shah, Antonius T. Van Kessel, Omkar Zilka,

Evan A. Haidasz & Derek A. Pratt*

Journal of the American Chemical Society

2018, 140, 3798-3808.



Diazaphenoxazines and Diazaphenothiazines: Synthesis of the ‘Correct’ Isomers Reveals They are Highly-Reactive Radical-Trapping Antioxidants

Evan A. Haidasz & Derek A. Pratt* 

Organic Letters

201719, 1854-1857.


Polysulfide-1-Oxides React with Peroxyl Radicals as Quickly as Hindered Phenolic Antioxidants and do so by a Surprising Concerted Homolytic Substitution at Sulfur


Jean-Philippe R. Chauvin, Evan A. Haidasz, Markus Griesser & Derek A. Pratt*
Chemical Science
20167, 6347-6356.


Acid is Key to the Radical-Trapping Antioxidant Activity of Nitroxides


Evan A. Haidasz, Derek Meng, Riccardo Amorati, Andrea Baschieri, Keith U. Ingold,

Luca Valgimigli* & Derek A. Pratt*

Journal of the American Chemical Society

2016, 138, 5290-5298.


A Continuous Visible Light Spectrophotometric Approach to Accurately Determine the Reactivity of Radical-Trapping Antioxidants


Evan A. Haidasz, Antonius T. M. Van Kessel & Derek A. Pratt*

Journal of Organic Chemistry

2016, 81, 737-744.

(Selected as a 'Featured Article' and 'Cover Article')


Unprecedented Inhibition of Hydrocarbon Autoxidation by Diarylamine Radical-Trapping Antioxidants

Ron Shah, Evan A. Haidasz, Luca Valgimigli & Derek A. Pratt*

Journal of the American Chemical Society

2015, 137, 2440-2443.
(selected for a 'JACS spotlight')


The Catalytic Mechanism of Diarylamine Radical-Trapping Antioxidants.

Evan A. Haidasz, Ron Shah and Derek A. Pratt*

Journal of the American Chemical Society

2014, 136, 16643-16650.
(selected for a 'JACS spotlight')


3-Pyridinols and 5-Pyrimidinols: Tailor-Made for Use in Synergistic Radical-Trapping Co-Antioxidant Systems

Luca Valgimigli,* Daniela Bartolomei, Riccardo Amorati, Evan Haidasz, Jason J. Hanthorn, Susheel J. Nara, Johan Brinkhorst and Derek A. Pratt*

Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry

2013, 9, 2781-2792.


Reaction Mechanisms: Radical and Radical Ion Reactions

Evan Haidasz, Bo Li & Derek A. Pratt*

Royal Society of Chemistry, Annual Reports on Progress in Chemistry, Section B

2013, 109, 295-327.
(invited contribution)


A Versatile Fluorescence Approach to Kinetic Studies of Hydrocarbon Autoxidations and their Inhibition by Radical-Trapping Antioxidants

Jason J. Hanthorn, Evan Haidasz, Paul Gebhardt & Derek A. Pratt*

Chemical Communications

2012, 48, 10141-10143.

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