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Research in our group spans from pure chemistry (synthesis & mechanism) to applied chemistry (in biology & medicine) and generally, but not always, focuses on the reactions of radicals. We design new reactions, synthesize new molecules and use them to explore the role of radicals - and develop strategies to control them - in contexts ranging from hydrocarbon oxidation to cell death. 

Click on a topic below to learn a bit more about specific research themes in the laboratory!

autox and RTAs.jpeg

Radical-Trapping Antioxidants


Lipid Peroxidation & Associated Cell Death


Suppression of Oxidative Cell Death 


Organosulfur Chemistry

We collaborate with excellent research groups around the world to provide complementary expertise and maximize the impact of our work across traditional disciplines. Current/recent collaborators include:

Kivanc Birsoy (Rockefeller, USA)

Marcus Conrad (Helmholtz Zentrum München, Germany)

Scott Dixon (Stanford, USA)

Corey Stephenson (Michigan, USA)

Armido Studer (Münster, Germany)

John Toscano (Johns Hopkins, USA)

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