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115. A Compendium of Kinetic Cell Death Modulatory Profiles Identifies Ferroptosis Regulators


Megan Conlon, Carson Poltorack, Giovanni Forcina, Alex Wells, Melodie Mallais, Alexis Kahanu, Leslie Magtanong,

Derek A. Pratt & Scott J. Dixon* 

2020, Submitted manuscript (deposited on biorxiv at doi:

114. Potent Ferroptosis Inhibitors Can Catalyze the Cross-Dismutation of Phospholipid-Derived Peroxyl Radicals and Hydroperoxyl Radicals


Jia-Fei Poon, Omkar Zilka & Derek A. Pratt* 

Journal of the American Chemical Society 2020, 142, 14331-14342.

113. Metabolic Determinants of Cancer Cell Sensitivity to Canonical Ferroptosis Inducers

Mariluz Soula, Ross A. Weber, Omkar Zilka, Hanan Alwaseem, Konnor La, Henrik Molina,

Javier Garcia-Bermudez,* Derek A. Pratt* & Kıvanç Birsoy*

Nature Chemical Biology 202016, 1351-1360.

112. Radical Substitution Provides a Unique Route to Disulfides

Zijun Wu & Derek A. Pratt*

Journal of the American Chemical Society 2020, 142, 10284-10290.

111. Quinone Methide Dimers Lacking Labile Hydrogen Atoms are Surprisingly Excellent Radical-Trapping Antioxidants

Mark A. R. Raycroft, Jean-Philippe R. Chauvin, Matthew S. Galliher, Kevin J. Romero,

Corey R. J. Stephenson* & Derek A. Pratt*

Chemical Science 2020, 11, 5676-5689.

(selected as a 'HOT Article' and Chem Sci 'Pick of the Week')

110. Reactive Sterol Electrophiles: Mechanisms of Formation and Reactions with Proteins and Amino Acid Nucleophiles

Ned A. Porter,* Libin Xu & Derek A. Pratt

Chemistry 2020, 2, 390-417.

(invited contribution to a themed issue in honour of Prof. Bernd Giese's 80th birthday)

109Hydrogen Atom Abstraction from Polyolefins: Experimental and Computational Studies of Model Systems

Graham E. Garrett, Derek A. Pratt & J. Scott Parent*

Macromolecules 202053, 2793-2800.

108Synthesis of Vitisin A & D: Thermal Isomerization Enabled by a Persistent Radical Equilibrium


Kevin J. Romero, Mitchell H. Keylor, Markus Griesser, Xu Zhu, Ethan J. Strobel, 

Derek A. Pratt* & Corey R. J. Stephenson*

Journal of the American Chemical Society 2020, 142, 6499-6504.

107Base-Promoted C-C Bond Activation Enables Radical Allylation with Homoallylic Alcohols


Maximilian Lübbesmeyer, Emily G. Mackay, Mark A. R. Raycroft, Jonas Elfert,

Derek A. Pratt* & Armido Studer*

Journal of the American Chemical Society 2020, 142, 2609-2616.

106. On the Products of Cholesterol Autoxidation in Phospholipid Bilayers and the

Formation of Secosterols Derived Therefrom 

Emily L. Schaefer, Nadia Zopyrus, Zosia A. M. Zielinski, Glenn A. Facey & Derek A. Pratt*

Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2020, 59, 2089-2094.

(selected as a 'Very Important Paper')

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